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Over 340 million Christians are persecuted. They follow Jesus, no matter the cost. With your help, Open Doors are bringing them hope and resources.

The ministry of Open Doors has its origins in one man and one journey. In 1955, a young Dutchman went to Warsaw and discovered the existence of a persecuted church. He became known as Brother Andrew, and from 1955 to 1967 he travelled throughout Eastern Europe, delivering Scriptures, encouraging persecuted believers, and recruiting others to help him.

The publication of God’s Smuggler in 1967 catapulted Andrew to worldwide renown. An entire generation caught the vision of supporting the persecuted church.


In the six decades since Brother Andrew’s first journey, Open Doors has continued to seek out and strengthen the persecuted church.

“Open Doors has shown the true signs of the presence of the spirit of God in that it has been faithful to its vision and foundation, but adaptable as the world around it has changed. And, today, it is one of the most credible, powerful, authentic and determined advocates of the protection of Christians but also generally of religious liberty.”THE MOST REVD AND RT HON JUSTIN WELBY, ARCHBISHOP OF CANTERBURY

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